English for Medicine with
University College London (UCL) 2020
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Students who are interested in studying Medicine can enrol in this course to gain the first-hand state of UCL experience and will be awarded a Certificate upon completion.
The course is designed to increased confidence and fluency in English for Medicine
and to experience how the work of research is done.
Course Details:
1. An introduction to the eye: match and associate eye diseases to parts and functions of the eye; recognise and analyse retinal images
2. The Retina: phototransduction; photoreceptor cells; genetic disorders
3. Stem Cells and gen therapy: principles of regenerative medicine; visits to research laboratories and Moorfields Eye Hospital; microscopic imaging 
Minimum Age: 16
Minimum English Level: B1
Course Duration: 2 Weeks (15 Hours of English with Malvern House London, 10 Hours of UniversityStyle Teaching by UCL Academic Staff, Visits to Working Hospital Sites in London)
 Winter Turn Starting Dates:
1. 26th January
2. 9th February
Turn Starting Dates:
1. 27th June
2. 11st July
3. 25th July
Tuition Fees Only: £1,330
(Gross Price)
Full Package: £2,200
(includes residence in Kings Cross – accommodation, 3 meals food per day, activities & travel card)
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